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ND200 Photo Exhibition

            2019 will mark 200 years of Stamford Raffles’ landing on our shores – a turning point in our history that is widely believed to have marked Singapore’s revival as a trading port, evolving into a bustling city, and then becoming a happy, prosperous, and progressive nation of many races and religions.

2                To mark the Singapore Bicentennial, the Nagore Dargah Indian Muslim Heritage Centre,[1] with the support of the Singapore Bicentennial Office, is making a call to Singaporeans to contribute their personal photographs towards an exhibition “Singapore to Singaporeans – Pioneers and Descendants”.  The exhibition will be hosted at the centre – along Singapore’s original waterfront at Telok Ayer - in 2019. The exhibition is supported by National Heritage Board, Our SG Fund and Singapore Bicentennial.


3                The curated collection will see personal photos of 100 modern-day Singaporeans matched with old black and white portraits of their pioneering grand or great-grandparents who first set foot on this land during the maritime era (pre-1965).

4                We invite you to contribute your portrait photo together with the portrait photo of your family pioneer.  We have made special arrangements for your photos to be scanned at NDIMHC on 24th and 25th of November. The instructions are provided overleaf. Please email or call us at 96524721 if you have any queries.

5                We thank you for supporting this community initiative to celebrate the contributions of the many families – as pioneers and descendants (represented by the 100 sets of photos) – that have together, over the last 200 years, made Singapore what it is today.

[1] The Nagore Dargah Memorial in Singapore was constructed in the early 19th Century by Singapore’s Chulia Muslim pioneers as an act of thanksgiving to the Saint of Nagore, Shahul Hamid Abdul Qadir Ganjasavoy, the patron saint of merchants and sea-farers setting off from the Coromandel Coast.  The Memorial was gazetted as a National Monument in 1974.  Since 2011, it has housed the Indian Muslim Heritage Centre.


Take part in three steps:


1.      Choosing the photos

Go through your family’s photo collection to choose an early black and white photo of your family pioneer taken in Singapore many years ago.  Also select a recent colour portrait photo of yourself (or a current descendant within the family). The photos can be in portrait or landscape orientation.

2.      Digitising the images at NDIMHC

You are invited to drop by NDIMHC on 24th or 25th November from 10 am to 5 pm as we have engaged a vendor to scan the photos.

3.      Digitising and emailing the images

Alternatively, with the help of a camera or scanner, digitise the images if they are on paper.The images preferably must be in A4 size for exhibition purposes.The resolution needed is about 300 dpi and usually such images are between 4 to 5 MB. Email your contribution with not more than 50 words to be attributed to the descendant. A suggested example is below. Please send in your email as early as possible. The closing date is 21 December 2018.

What the organisers at NDIMHC will do:

 1.      NDIMHC will go through the contributions and curate a collection to reflect a diversity of pioneers and descendants who have contributed to Singapore.  Some editing of photo images and captions may be necessary. Contributors will be informed if their photos and caption are selected for display.

2.      If your contribution is selected, you will be invited to the centre for an interview followed by administration formalities in preparation for the exhibition in early January 2019.

3.      The curated collection will be featured in an exhibition at Nagore Dargah Indian Muslim Heritage Centre at 140 Telok Ayer Street from March to December 2019.

4.      After the exhibition, the photos and stories will be part of the Memories Project by NHB.



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